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I would like to begin this time by bowing in reverence to the great Serpent of Time and the raw energy of the Infinite Void that supports the backbone of all major eras and cycles.  She has ages and ages of imprints wound around her ancient spine.  With every wave the wheels of each vertebrae spins clockwise or counter-clockwise, releasing the fragrance of the past and winding a knot around the present.  She eternally performs the wedding vows of the past with the present, who in turn give birth to the future.  

Even the stars are seduced by the fertile blackness of her hair.  Her bracelets and anklets are winding serpents that receive their life-breath from the luminescence of her effulgent dark skin. She is called Adi Shakti“the first or primal force.” She is the backdrop of each experience and the secret witness to all events, at all times and all places.  She is the cause, the beginning of the journey and the return.

I wanted to offer a telescopic view of her intoxicating mystery reflected in the macrocosm before zooming into the results of her dance as it appears on the microcosm.  Sometimes it is medicinal to see the big picture and the beauty of the tapestry, especially when the microscopic view is focused on a nasty kink in the fabric.  That kink, though seemingly disharmonious, many not interrupt the flow of the tapestry at all when we see the whole design.   The trap of this microscopic focus leads to pettiness.  In this restriction of view, we lose grasp of what is actually important to the larger picture.  We narrow our life experience and our vision becomes impaired.  


As we are all aware, this new Moon brings forward a powerful eclipse.  Contrary to popular belief, eclipses happen often and are not always extreme.  However, this specific solar eclipse seems quite significant and is charged with polarity.  We find Sun, Moon and Rahu (north node of the Moon) in star sign of Magha.  Based on a fixed star system of astrology, you can identify the yogatara (empowered star) of this nakshatra(star sign) by locating the star Regulus

Magha is known as the “throne room.”  It is a place of authority, responsibility, power, the sacrifices that we must make when holding the position of power and the maturity that one must accept when receiving the crown.  This is the ability to hold the big picture with all of it’s details, as more important than our individual small imprint of self. Magha is associated with the Eagle for this reason.  When holding the torch of leadership, we no longer think for ourselves as an individual, but as part of the larger whole of life.  The drop realizes it is only part of the Ocean. 


Magha has another side that is just as potent.  It is the sign of leaving the body, i.e., astral travel, sleep paralysis and departed spirits.  Magha governs part of the dream world, such as waking dreams, psychic manifestations and visitations from ancestral spirits and deities.  It is at once a sign of ruling in the material world and a sign of waking up to the other side of life, the so-called world of the dead that mirrors the living.  Truth is, both are living.  It becomes a matter of what we define as ‘life.’  A true ruler is aware of consequences and the ripple effect of their decisions. Therefore Magha nakshatra is the abode of true leadership, both externally and internally. 

For spiritual and occult practitioners, for those students of the mystery schools, this eclipse is most definitely significant.  Through the doorway of Magha, we gain command over our intentions.  It allows us to step into a deeper commitment with the integrity of our practice.  It is also an amplified moment for inner communion and rituals of a secret nature.  

As this eclipse is also taking place in what we call a gandanta point (a knot of karma), we may observe very intense responses to the vibrations.  These vibrations may interrupt the harmonious tune and the melody may sound unpleasant for a moment.  It is therefore an excellent time to question oneself, to reflect and not to reject that which is unpleasant.  


This eclipse should bring about eye opening events in the weeks before and the weeks proceeding.  It will reveal what we define as authority and our intimate relationship with force.  It may pull forward energies that thrive on the illusion of entitlement as well as the hot-temper of unsatisfied retaliation against humiliation.  We may see outbursts of justified or righteous frustration as a result of oppression as well as unjustified expressions of dominance.  

As Magha is a sign of the ancestors, this eclipse is also a portal or doorway to sitting with them.  It can be a time of communicating with those who have crossed to the pathway of spirit.  This is a window of cleansing and an invitation to honor traditions that are rooted deep in the past.  If we prepare for the opening that is being offered, we may hear whispers of the past urging us to learn from those who have been at the crossroads before us.


Magha is also a sign of bravery.   A sign of fixed resolve.  Both material responsibility and spiritual integrity depend on fixed resolve.  Magha is a star of large concerns.  Concerns that embrace us all.  The cries of which form an Ocean, where as our own limited self concerns are only a drop.

My prayer for us all at this time is that we allow the twin serpents of wisdom and courage to rise up our spine.  May they enter the cave of our inner awareness and illumine our secret pathways. May the chambers of power and the storehouses of energy be entered only with a vow to never harm another living being.  We are drops in an infinite Ocean.  May the ancestors guide us towards that which is truly beneficial for all.  May our investment in our own self-centered story decrease and may we invest our life’s breath in a story that has greater meaning and value for the entire Ocean of beings that share the journey with us.  May we increase the dignity of our ancestors by living for a deeper purpose than self gratification.  

There is no well as deep as the well of compassion.  There is no water as alive as the living waters of unbiased love for other beings. There is no greater tool than that of true understanding.  In unconditional love, we all find the path to true power; a power that unites and protects, that would never take away another beings right to happiness.   

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“All life is sacred.  We come into life as sacred beings.  When we abuse the sacredness of life we affect all Creation.” 

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