- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JULY 8th, 2017 FULL MOON 

The founder of of Biodynamic Agriculture, Austrian Rudolf Steiner, believed in the the power of Color and Art Therepy. The image above was painted in this tradition by Ninetta Sombart.

The founder of of Biodynamic Agriculture, Austrian Rudolf Steiner, believed in the the power of Color and Art Therepy. The image above was painted in this tradition by Ninetta Sombart.

This month, we find ourselves journeying to an intersection of water and flame. Though our minds often associate these two forces as opposite, their child, the mist, can envelope the land touching both sky and earth.  She reinvigorates all she touches.  She also veils us and restricts what we can and cannot see, particularly those things which are far ahead on the path.  For those who have the sight, the mist can be a friend.  For those who have not discovered how to become subtle enough to befriend the mist, she will most definitely veil the path ahead. 

Our Full Moon will be aligned with Purva Ashadha nakshatra this month.  A nakshatra we have visited before as a New Moon.  This is the sign of the waters, of the mists, of energization and the gaining of strength.  As a Full Moon, she is receiving direct attention from Sun and Mars, the two fire-keepers.  Together, the cool water evolves into steam, and the mists spread through the land.  Our Moon will be fully illumined with the haunting song of transformation.  The position of the other Planets from our Moon suggest that winds of change will gain momentum and new opportunities that still seem skewed by the fog of the future will begin to show their form.  Be careful of illusions, but also call forward the truth from the mists.  Do not be shy with your request.   If the mist invites you to move with her, this is a time to move forward with energy even if you can’t see the path clearly.  If she blocks your view and borrows your energy, it is best to honor her request that you replenish yourself and rest before moving forward. 

Purva Ashadha is directly linked to individual philosophies as well as the broad universal philosophies that ring true for all.   Apas (Water Goddess) carries knowledge from shore to shore.  She kisses each shoreline with the stories and songs of life.  The people then carry the wisdom and melody to others and this serves to inspire and invigorate the masses.   Purva Ashadha is a sign of the multitudes, of universal love for all as opposed to the personal love we feel for our immediate dear ones.   This sign can also be blinding when amplified, just as the knowledge we cloak ourselves with may serve more as a veil even when we believe it to be revealing truth.  When this process happens, we become too dogmatic or rigid in our belief system.  Often when we are certain we know something esoteric or mysterious, we have misunderstood the value of the secret itself.  As the mind locks itself around personal view points, it can become crystallized and lose its fluidity.  Many of us think we have the broad view of the world.  This Moon gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and our beliefs so that even this elevated understanding that we think ourselves to possess, is put to the test.  How comfortable are we with sitting in the unknown without defining her? 

Purva Ashadha asks us to move away from any stagnation and rigidity.  It is also famously a sign of respectful debate; a sign of testing one’s theories.  Our Moon will be working to elevate our understanding of life and clean our minds of that which is creating limitations in our view.    She may present situations which confront those parts of us that refuse to move away from a treasured piece of information that is no longer valid on our journey.  She may offer new insight into that which we need.   It is time to bath in her mists and allow her to cleanse the path before us. 

All purification rituals and those prayers or ceremonies which serve to reinvigorate our lives will be powerful.  If you have a room in your home, a sacred item or any other object that needs to be cleansed of the residue of the past, this is the time to do it.  If you have items that need to be released and discarded, it is also a good Moon to surrender them.  If they are an organic material, you may even wish to release them into the ocean, river or stream.   It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate those traditions that carry wisdom through water, such as tea traditions and many others that involve transference of energy through liquids.  Though this is a sign of philosophy, it is better to be silent or hold the tongue in prayer. Leave opinions out of the room.  Release the old view-points into the river so that you can expand.  Receive new eyes.   Allow the moment to move with inspiration and share the oneness of all life so that when we arise from the sacred place, our philosophy will no longer be divisive (even if we believe we have no divisive beliefs, we often do.)

Purva Ashadha being a sign of universal love and philosophy, has also been termed the sign of war.  As majority of wars have had the excuse of religion or belief backing them, we can understand how dangerously powerful this force is.   The need for humans to transcend their humanity has often led to tragedy.  I call all of us, brothers and sisters forward, to wield our weapons of belief with caution.  Even a good belief can become a deadly weapon.  In the attempt to leave the human condition behind, we lose our unity and the one thing that unites us.  We lose the song of the Earth.  We lose story of the animals, the birds, the fish, the insects, the plant-life, the minerals and even the stars themselves.  While we seek the paradise of heaven, we forget to honor the paradise under our feet.  

My prayer for all of us in this time is to step into the magic of the mists without needing to own, wield or limit her.  May we release control, ownership, greed, arrogance, aggressive view-points and the will to separate ourselves from others. May we gain a new understanding of self-protection.  As we step further into the path of our opinions, we leave many brothers and sisters behind who would thrive in our company otherwise.  As long as we see ourselves divided, we are not an ocean of humanity in full power, but separate streams that are easily controlled. May we find freedom in true understanding of the power of unity.  I pray that all of us learn the sacred art of bringing peace to the hearts of others.  I pray that no one is left out.  May the flames of frustration, resentment, misconception and anger be cooled by the mists of true understanding.  From a place of understanding, we can reclaim our sacred ground.  May we respect the boundaries and beliefs of others, knowing that all rivers lead to the same ocean.