- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JULY 23rd, 2017 NEW MOON 

Our July New Moon will be delighting in the intensity of etheric vibration, aligned with Pushya, the star sign of the Priest of Sacred Sound and the Guru of the gods.  This star sign holds special significance to the Moon which we will visit below.  Our Moon will be surging with the song of life, moving our moods according to the honest longings in the heart.  She will encourage the evaluation of the true meaning of life and love and the consequences of sacrificing our personal truth.   What is the value of remaining true to ourselves?  Most of us discover that this is priceless.  Those of us who have sacrificed it, come to deeply understand it’s worth.  Ignorance lost is wisdom gained, and the lessons are invaluable.

Brihaspati, the Guru (teacher) of the gods, is the attributed deity of the star sign Pushya.  Pushya is his abode and from the this foundation he awakens the worlds to the secret inner truth that lives diversely within each of us.  Each individual has their own cosmic sound, their note in the orchestra of life.  Each one has a  relation to the universal order.  Each one of us carries a lamp of personal truth that ties us to the infinite principles of life as a whole.  Brihaspati whispers the most intimate tune into our hearts and vivifies our inner awareness.  He rings the bell of individual consciousness while tuning us to the universal truth of connectivity and oneness.   

 The Moon has a strange relationship to Pushya in Vedic Astrology, as the Moon seduced the wife of Brihaspati.  Tara (Brihaspati’s wife) felt as if she was being neglected and unappreciated by her husband who was always tending to his important work of teaching the gods and expounding cosmic secrets and laws.   She felt secondary to his mission.  Moon (Chandra) knowing this took advantage of the situation and seduced her.  Tara became pregnant instantly and gave birth to Mercury (Budha) who Brihaspati reluctantly accepts.   Brihaspati is true knowledge, Moon is the principle of mind and emotions.  Tara is the Shakti or power of knowledge.   When she united with Moon, the intellect (Mercury) was born.  Throughout his stories, Mercury has quite an unconventional life in many respects and he is clever, intelligent and wise being a child of pure Mind and the power of Knowledge.

 Brihaspati accepts Mercury (Budha) as born of his own Shakti (feminine power).  In the same way, the inner observer, the ‘knower’ or wisdom holder within all of us accepts the intellect and it’s many thoughts and expressions as part of the whole-self.  The ‘knower’ within us understands the seduction of emotions and realizes that it’s own force becomes entangled with the drama of life through the medium of feelings.  Pushya gives us permission to untangle our untouched self from the emotions and thoughts that veil our simplicity.  We participate daily in our own illusions and these illusions can be more seductive than the foundational truth of who we are.   Pushya allows us to step outside of the romance of the emotional self and to feel the vibration of our real soul-center which is unmoved by the river of time.  

If we are currently experiencing lack of trust in our own inner-knowing, we can become more attentive to her.   We can pay attention to her regardless of the outer responsibilities of our lives or any other excuse we may choose.  She requires us to kindle the fire and look her in the eye.  If we look the other direction, she begins to feel neglected.  She is easily seduced by the emotional Moon.  Emotions provide her with many answers, keeping her occupied through the night.  When she loses her confidence in the stability of our self-knowing, she identifies with the various feelings that define us.  The song of the inner chamber of the heart is always singing to us but we go far outside of ourselves to seek shelter in unstable and unsatisfying places.  Our minds seduce us to believe one thing or another, often times leading us away from the center of our circle.   

 Mercury, who is skillful, helps us identify with talents but even talents do not define the truth of a being.  We learn this when we lose the ability to perform in capacities that previously graced us.  The inner-knower is solid and centered without basing it’s confidence on what it can ‘do’.  In this sense, when we remove all of the identities that may potentially divide us, we see the whole humanity and creatures of the Earth sharing one essence and thriving on the substance of that which cannot be tied to conditional love.   

Mercury may ask what is the use of one single ant and calculate no value to it’s life, but Brihaspati looks into the ant’s heart and sees it’s desire to live, to simply exist.   

By this attribute, Brihaspati becomes the protector of the law of life and the defender of the rights of all beings.  It is never conditional.  Talents, skills, intelligence and wealth become a conditional appreciation and may cause infatuation.  Knowledge, however, dispels the darkness of insecurity and has no need to prove anything to exist or be appreciated.  Actually, knowledge itself becomes life without need for explanation.  All beings are worthy of love and conditions dissolve in the face of true knowledge.   

The inner self, who ‘knows’ us most intimately needs no justification or even emotion to validate it.  Emotions come from it, yet they often want to claim that they are the source. They are beautiful and help us connect with life, but they make poor leaders.  They are like a rushing river without a shoreline.  They will lead us far out to sea before we realize we are off course.  Only when we look back we see the wreckage.  During this Pushya New Moon, it is good to realign ourselves with the personal rituals, ceremonies, routines and schedules that re-center us.  What aligns you with your most sincere intention in life?  Who are you when stripped of all societal justifications?  Who in your life holds your personal truth as important and valuable?  Which habits keep you at the center of the wheel so that you are not being rocked by so many currents?  Trust is to be earned, not given.  Yet, our own inner knower needs no introduction and has earned our trust long ago.  It is time to question the one who is eager to seduce (the emotional self) and ask that one to step back in line so that our daily lives do not carry us far from shore.  Emotions actually increase in richness and quality when they are in the company of constraint and discernment.  Discipline and raw emotion compliment each other.  This is the anticipation one feels when holding back intense desire and then releasing it when the time is right.   

Pushya teaches us that emotions are a privilege and any unique flavor they add to our lives is not to define our true sense of identity but to enrich the experience of that identity.   

My prayer for all of us during this Pushya New Moon is that we all raise our voices in honor of the life around us regardless of it’s usefulness.  May we see the divinity everywhere, even within that which is outwardly undesirable. May we acknowledge that each being has a unique right to exist and by respecting life in this honest way, may we turn towards our own truth and welcome it back into our lives;  understanding fully that this is the priceless treasure that should never be sacrificed or questioned.  May we protect and nourish those beings who have no protection and no nourishment.  May we all rise in the genuine love around us and avoid falling prey to excuses that keep us from being accountable to innocence of life and responsible to the upkeep of our own inner garden.