- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MAY 10th, 2017 FULL MOON 



"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do."
Georgia O’keefe
As we sit with our May Full Moon and invite her light into the inner chambers of our minds and hearts, we may also find that the companions of her rays are in stark contrast.  She might meet us with the company of challenge, but she may also invoke the companionship of courage.  If she presents a problem, she will also call in the solution. 

Our Moon will be aligned with the Star sign (nakshatra) of Vishaka.  The god and/ or goddess associated with Vishaka is Indra or Shakra (King of the Heavens) andAgni (Sacred Fire) or Shakragni.  You may also say Shakra’s Agni or ‘Zeus’s Fire,’ i.e., the lightning (thunder) bolt.  This sign has also been linked to Indrani, the Queen of Heavens, and the counterpart of Indra. 
Either way, both forces relate to intensity and beauty; splendorous electric power; the sudden dance of light in the sky. Vishaka is seductive and fiercely attractive as well as brooding and moody like the pending storm.  It is the release of the emotional force that is brilliant and magnificent, yet needs the proper focus and direction.  This sign reveals heightened contrasts.  If pulled into focus, there is no limit to the achievement available through this sign.

We see leadership, courage, fairness, justice, devotion, inspiration, motivation and determination on one hand.   On the other we may see rebellion, dual personality (mood swings), potential for heated debate, combativeness, conflict, judgement, attack and inner confusion.
Vishaka’s primal, natural force is like that of the ‘fire in the sky’ or the striking lightning that suddenly charges the atmosphere, illuminating space yet destroying any object it touches.  As electric force pushes away or repels, magnetic force draws things to it and embraces.  Lightning is a prime example of the electrical force unleashed in it’s pure, raw personality.  It is a beautiful conflict of elements that is sudden, without warning and potentially dangerous.  Yet it is also a force that can push us away from that which we need to guard ourselves against. 
During this powerful Full Moon, the split of two options or two paths may be presented before us.  The branches of the forked tree is a common image associated with Vishaka.  We may also be presented with clear and distinct reminders of how we need to secure our own boundaries and parameters.  The electrical force pushes away.  It can therefore also protect by dispelling that which no longer needs to in our vicinity. 
Many things may present themselves in dual form.  The clarifying lightning may illumine situations, decisions and people that we have had confusion about.  Those options or people that seem to have a dual nature may be painted in the singular reality of their true color.  It is important to pay close attention because with Vishaka, the devil is in the detail.  It is important not to make brash decisions during a Vishaka Moon; refraining from judgement, criticism and injustice.  Fairness and justice are wise choices for personal dealings.  For business dealings, contracts should be read carefully and strategically, assuring there is not a split side or hidden agenda.
In its healthy expression, Vishaka is a determined, fair, creative and devoted sign.  It is the sign of cultivation; materially, spiritually and psychologically.  In its shadow expression, it deals out harsh judgement and even blinded revenge without metered fairness (measured or careful speech and true understanding of boundaries comes in the next sign, Anuradha, the sign of Mitra, the most diplomatic Rig Vedic god).  Therefore, cultivating maturity is encouraged for dealing with the intense energies of this sign.  
Let’s make the collective decision to fearlessly choose understanding over conflict, fairness over judgement, consideration over impulsiveness and protection over revenge.  We can call in the mesmerizing beauty and fairness of the Queen of Heavens and look on her lightning-like image which vivifies, clarifies and motivates us to meet our fears, our criticisms and our confusions with determination and focus.  This is an excellent Moon to release heated or conflicting emotions that no longer serve us.  Our own nature is often the common denominator in any persistent conflict that we find ourselves facing. 
As Vishaka is the sign of cultivation and striking clarity, this is the Moon to examine the various pathways in our lives.  In our culture, we hear the phrase “moment of clarity”, just as the lightning strikes and illumines the darkness for only a moment.  In the same way, our path may be lit up for only a moment, when the lightning strikes in the darkness of the mind.  Hence paying close attention to the detail of the moment is important, before the darkness covers the path again.  If a friend or omen provides you with crystal guidance, remember it well as the cloak of time pulls its shadow over even the most powerful flash of lightning.
My prayer for all of us is to awaken our deepest devotion and dedication to our moments of clarity, so that they may last and be cultivated into a living reality.  May they not be forgotten.  May our devotion increase.  The fruits of the harvest are only available after time has matured the crop.  In that span of the shadow of time, may we walk hand in hand with the determination necessary to succeed until the light illumines the horizon again.