- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MAY 25th, 2017 NEW MOON 

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On May 25th, our New Moon will be aligning with the red-eyed, fertile star of Aldebaran.  This yogataara (self-empowered star) we refer to in Sanskrit as Rohini, the red one.  This star is given special importance as being the favorite of the Moon god in Vedic cosmology.  Due to his favoritism to this beautiful, enchanting star, Chandra (Moon) was cursed to wane. His effulgence lost its stability.  This unique feature separates Rohini from all other star signs and gives her a very special link to the waxing and waning cycles of our Moon; highlighting the attributes of increase and decrease associated with Chandra (Moon) in Vedic astrology.   This also links her with the cycles of fertility on the Earth and in all living creatures. 

Rohini can be felt in the abundant, fertile Earth.  She is the cosmic creative force.  We can hold the symbol of the golden egg entwined by the mystic serpent in our mind’s eye and grasp something of her innate power.  The entwining serpents of genetics, the building blocks of life are her imprint. She is blissfully potent and full of all possible attributes.  The divine imagination, the dream of the Creator is her dance.  No wonder Chandra, Moon, who is the producer of Manas (Mind itself) was intoxicated by her infinite beauty.  Her cosmic energy lives in the forehead (pineal gland; hormonal balance and fluctuation).  She is everything desirable and delicate. The original magnetism of the Creator shines forth from her eyes like golden honey.  She holds a cup flowing with memories of a golden age with virgin soil, nutrient dense air and unshakeable stability.  A time long forgotten when the dream of the Creator was still new and fresh.  An era where agriculture would be considered violence.  The beings of the Earth could be revitalized by breath and moisture alone; an enchanted paradise.  As Moon waxed and waned through the ages, the spiral of life began to move in cycles and Rohini’s original innocence takes different shapes. 
Her basis above is the Plant world, her basis below is the Waters.  Her sole desire is to attract a lover and unite with him.  The result of these three factors is Creation itself.   Rohini is directly related to the primal force of creation and the god associated with this nakshatra (star sign) is the Creator, Brahma.  Rohini is the seat ofRohana Shakti, which means “the power to create growth”. 
Though Rohini is an excessively fertile sign, granting growth, creativity and abundance, it is wise to remember that not everything that grows is benevolent.  Many things that grow rapidly in secret places are deadly or dangerous.  Never underestimate those things that grow within our mind.  A fantasy may bloom into a beautiful reality but it may also result in an unexpected downward spiral.  This Moon asks us to bring our creations into the light.  Rohini presents us with the question “what seeds am I sowing?”  And furthermore, “what will grow from my current mind-set and emotional environment?” 
Any of you that may have the star of Rohini present in your horoscope, it is good to remember that you are calling forth the dream into existence.  Rohini gives great power to grow any seed planted in her field.  She will even nurture the crop of restriction if restriction is permitted to enter her.  Hence Planets like Saturn who have a self-contained or restrictive nature were not traditionally considered to be desirable when aligning with Rohini.  There is a famous story of a terrible famine due to Saturn entering Rohini.  I do not wish to frighten anyone with Saturn in Rohini.  On the contrary, many people with Saturn in Rohini manifest wealth, stability and growth but this may stem from their ability to cultivate or grow the qualities of Saturn’s discipline.  She will grow an abundant amount of obstructive energy if that is the crop that is allowed to take root.   This fertility of Rohini is expressed in material as well as mental.  As a matter of fact, for a Rohini individual, the world of matter and the energetic world of spirit are often intertwined.  The womb of our mind becomes pregnant with that which we allow to remain. 
Rohini’s bird is the owl.  Her animal is the male serpent.   As you may have noticed above, instead of associating the owl with all-knowingness, or knowledge, I have extracted the quality of sight alone to define the owl.  We can say that to see is to know, but with the owl this power of sight is quite specific to being a witness.  The owl is a silent witness to that which happens in the dark (the mystery), in all degrees.  When the third-eye is activated, we “see in the dark.”  To witness in the dark, on the wings of an owl is a cryptic way to express deeper yogic states of awareness.  The owl is completely silent and avoids detection with its specially designed feathers.  The owl can also see 360 degrees. She witnesses everything hidden and she sees all while everyone else is unaware.  There is a saying that to witness wakefulness in the deep-sleep state is to rise from the matrix of life; to see through the illusion of Creation and awaken to who you really are as the Creator herself / himself.
In the biblical stories of the garden of Eden, it is the winged, feathered serpent who approaches the female with the fruit of knowledge.  Not just any knowledge, but the “knowledge of good and evil.”  The very basis of Creation is duality.  Though I am inclined to steer clear from monotheistic thought, this story may have greater esoteric significance if we can look past the decades of oppression that has resulted from misunderstanding it. 
During this New Moon, Mars will occupy the same room with Moon and Sun.  Though Moon and Sun will be aligned with Rohini, Mars will be close by in the star sign of Mrigashira.  It is mentioned in Vayu Purana that this is a special alignment of energy, an appropriate time to perform oblations or purification ceremonies for our ancestors.  Sun is said to be the world of Liberated Souls and is a direct incarnation of Vishnu (the Preserver or Savior).  Moon is said to be the world of the ancestors and is a direct incarnation of Brahma, the Creator.  Mars is said to be representative of the Earth & is referred to affectionately as the Son of the Earth Goddess, but he was truly born of Shiva (the Lord of Yoga) while he was performing great penance.  When Mars (Materialized Energy / Body), Moon (Water / Mind) and Sun (Light / Soul) come together it is the Soul, the Mind and the Body that harmonize and a unique alignment opens the portal to the dimensions of the ancestors.   
This is also said to be a sacred time for ritual and ceremony.  Due to this trinity coming together under the lunar banner of Rohini and Mrigashira, the ability to call dreams forward will be amplified.  Though the tides are high for romantic dreaming and creative fire, care should be taken that something or someone doesn’t get out of hand.  The ancient story connecting the three star signs of Rohini, Mrigashira and Ardra is quite dramatic and results in a train wreck of events.  All due to untamed procreative impulse.  Though the characters become more defined in their unique roles through these turn of events, the wreckage takes a while to clean!  
Through Rohini we will be asked if we wish to witness the secrets or continue weaving the dream.  We may be asked to acknowledge our intent of what dreams we are weaving and we may be called to witness the outcome, even before it materializes.  Rohini offers both foresight and insight.  Rohini is a very potent star sign and her potency has roots in an age before our Moon spiraled into his cycle of waning; a time stemming from the first breath of the Creator.  We can call forward this ancient memory which no words can express, but song hopes to penetrate.
My prayer for us all during this New Moon is that the seeds of our life's song fall on fertile soil and grow into abundant fruit-bearing trees. Trees that not only offer fulfillment to us individually, but abundant trees that provides fruit and shade to all.  May we have the wisdom to cultivate those qualities which will generate an orchestra of true beauty and joy, and the discernment to uproot that which is out of tune and disruptive in our sacred gardens.