- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

APRIL 10th, 2017 FULL MOON 


Our effulgent, full Moon will be aligned with the brilliant star (yogatara) of the Divine Architect (Vishwakarma), Chitra nakshatra (in Latin we refer to this star as Spica).  She will be joining Jupiter, the law keeper and minister of the gods, in the night’s sky. 

Vishwakarma is not only referred to as an architect or ‘creator’ in ancient texts, but he is also importantly called garbhapati or “the lord of the womb.”  Vishwakarma is the hidden intelligence behind all form.  The shaper of existence.  The one who fashions matter, designs the blueprint and executes the engineering of all life. 

The sign Chitra is Vishwakarma’s abode.  Chitra is said to be a sign of sacred geometry, symbols, code, vivid illusions, magic, color, definition, engineering, mechanics, technology, art, beauty, symmetry and design. Vishwakarma was the designer of the flying crafts of ancient days as well as the city planner, crafting miraculous holographic palaces for the heroes of many stories.    

Chitra’s basis above is the law (cosmic and/or natural law), its basis below is the truth (unifying truth of all existence, not limited truth defined by humans) and its desire is to produce wonderful children (to birth wonderful creations). The result of these is to gain honor in one’s work (to create something esteemed by all).  All of the above forces coming together has a deep esoteric meaning and should be contemplated to understand the concepts presented here.  

As the star sign Chitra is literally in the middle of the star-path (nakshatra wheel), it is the point of strategy and redefining the journey of our soul.  The Shakti or power of this sign is therefore, Punya Chayani Shakti, or the power to accumulate merit.  (The ability to make good decisions, the ability to create a path that is in harmony and leaves the world more beautiful.)   

As the intelligence behind form, as the witness, Chitra can also be related to Chitragupta (translates to hidden picture or the witness of all deeds), the servant of Yamaraj (the King of the Dead).  The sign of Chitra relates directly to our karmic imprint, our unique blueprint which we live in daily.  The home of our mind, the construct our awareness is peering through; that which is fashioned by the architect within. 

The word Chitra can be translated as “picture” or “imprint”.   Chitta (consciousness) plus ‘tra’ (instrument or to protect) can also indicate that ‘Chitra’ becomes the ‘instrument of consciousness’ or the snap shot of each event, the secret design, the forgotten image captured of every experience.

Chitra is often symbolized by the pearl as well, which is formed by irritation within the oyster or clam.  The pearl has been a symbol of status and beauty but also something that we should evaluate as mass production of pearls can become cruel and imbalanced.  This is opposite of the agenda of the will of the Divine Architect within nature that witnesses all.  This hidden intelligence asks us to re-examine our life strategy so that it creates a beautiful, sacred and balanced design, a geometrical pattern that is in harmony with all life.   When the way we live is in balance with the needs of others and other creatures, sacred geometry is most glorified.  What is the point in meditating on a yantra or magical symbol when the life we live is out of order and causing pain to other beings?  The female tiger is the animal (yoni or womb) of this nakshatra.  This is another force of nature that’s entire existence is in critical danger by the wants, demands and imbalances of human beings.  This is a good Moon to educate ourselves on the needs of other beings that are suffering due to extravagant human conveniences. 

As Chitra is a sign of magical sciences, crafts and arts, this is an opportunity to inspire others with our personal gifts.  We may honor the natural law and truth, the essence of beauty that radiates from balance, harmony and respect.  Let’s wield the tool of our art, alchemy or talent to uplift the world around us and leave behind a more fulfilled, beautiful place.  We can unite to vivify, reanimate and construct new paths to sustain those brothers and sisters in nature that currently need us to choose a new way of living. 

My prayer for us all, under this powerful Chitra Moon, is for the path which is good for all be illuminated and acted upon.  May all of us feel the inner joy and bliss of true maturity and understand our role and responsibility towards all other life.  May the design of your life be a perfect pattern and vibrate with your true beauty.  All are beautiful, all are perfect, all are whole.