- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MARCH 12th, 2017 FULL MOON 



Our Moon will be aligning with the nakshatra (lunar star sign) of Uttara Phalguni, which is the star formation that our ancient ancestors referred to as the back legs of the marriage bed.  This sign marks the best moment for marriage vows and intimate oaths or promises to our beloved.
Uttara Phalguni’s goal is freedom, the element is fire, it’s nature is to protect and it’s enlightened activity is that oftransformation (to change the current status).  The Shakti of this sign is the power to gain through partnerships, specifically those of intimate nature.  The bird associated is the peacock, the animal connected is a bull and the celebrated tree is the rose laurel. 
It is said that under the previous sister-sign (Purva Phalguni, the front legs of the marriage bed) the great Goddess Shakti or Mother Parvati, due to her deep longing and intense love for Shiva, performed difficult penance to achieve him as her husband.  In Purva Phalguni, we see the explosion of pleasure (orgasm in the earthy sense and states of Samadhi in the spiritual realm) that is the peak of joy when we achieve the fruit of desire.  Uttara Phalguni being the next sign, grants the steady foundation of that established union.  

By this stage, we are now hand in hand with our beloved, standing together on firm ground and walking the path of life.  The power, steadiness and firmness attributed to the divine masculine as exemplified in the bull are present in Uttara Phalguni.   This sign is also said to be heroic, of good character and willing to lead others on the right path.   
We can observe many qualities of Mahadev’s (Shiva’s) sacred bull, Nandi, who has the responsibility of transporting the biggest responsibility of all – Infinite Consciousness or Lord Shiva who is said to be the ultimate Reality.  Under Uttara Phalguni, Nandi carries the newly wed Shiva & Shakti (Primal Consciousness and its Power or raw Energy) to their home on Kailash, the sacred mountain of Shiva. This is the ultimate union of opposites. It is said that Shiva-Shakti can never be separated.  It is like drawing the air out of the body.  We are left with a stiff, lifeless form.  It is the breath that stimulates movement and provides life.  So it is Shakti that gives the all-pervading Consciousness it’s movement, it’s experience and contrasts in which to define itself.
This is the time to commit.  To be firm in our promises.  The be honest with our vows and establish an environment of steadiness for our passion.  It is the time to be grateful for our partner and to celebrate their dedication to us.  If we have many loose ends in our personal commitments to our lover or partner, it is the perfect Moon to tighten them up.  If you have been waiting on the right moment to commit or looking for an omen about your current romantic situation, this is your Moon.  

Aryaman, the God associated with Uttara Phalguni is said to be a generous match-maker.  He grants us the ability to understand the mutual benefits of our partnership, the true energetic exchange.  If we have been deluding ourselves by remaining with partners whose energetic exchange is abusive to our well-being or if we have been taking our partner’s energetic support for granted, Uttara Phalguni can point us in the direction of great healing. 
As there are no hymns in the Rig Veda dedicated solely to Aryaman, I would like to close with a spontaneous wish or prayer for all of the lonely and broken hearts, for all of us who have had hopes seemingly demolished, that the steady support of Sri Nandi transport us to the shores of blissful union with the right partner; a partner whose energetic exchange is supportive to our purpose of birth.  And for all of us who have been fortunate enough to be embraced by a true lover, and have been fulfilled with the touch of real intimacy, that we never take this for granted.  

May we always take the time to celebrate those partnerships that have brought the magic of love into our awareness and supported our life mission.