- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 


We are gearing for a deeply magical new Moon on February 26th at 6:58am PST.  Our Moon will be receiving an intimate embrace from Varuna & Varuni, the god and goddess of the mystic waters above and below.  They will whisper forbidden secrets in her ear and she will receive the intoxicating wine of their enchanted realm.  The sign of Shatabhishaka is the home of Varuna and Varuni.  Shatabhishaka translates to 100 healers, 100 doctors and sometimes 100 flowers.  This is in reference to the profound alchemy and healing that is possible through this sign. 
Varuna is a god of the night.  He conceals the world in darkness so that we can see the ocean of stars.  If we observe the day, the Sun’s light is so overpowering that the stars disappear.  But the cloak of night reveals the sacred river of the sky, the galaxies and stars.  Mysteries awaken at night and the Moon expresses herself in all of her glory.  She becomes the Queen of the circle of the stars.  Astrologers and astronomers could not ask for a more romantic Moon! I am not referring to ‘romance’ as the word is typically defined, as this Moon is said to not be good for interpersonal social relationships or marriage, but it is the best sign for the romance between our inner-self and the cosmos, the marriage of our receptive mind and the mysteries of the universe. 
Varuna is also a god of the cosmic law or ऋतं ṛtaṃ that keeps the rhythm of time in order and holds everything in place.  The empty circle of space or Aakash is another symbol for the sign of Shatabhishaka, the circle of the ceremony and of the commitments we make with life through our actions, or the outcome of karma which is part and parcel of the inner law that governs life.  Varuni, the goddess of intoxication and concealment, also comes into play here as mother of secrets and knowledge which is dangerous and potentially off limits. 
During this new Moon, we can observe that our Moon will have a lot of company including Ketu (the South node or ‘the liberator’) and Mercury, ‘the messenger’.   She will have an exalted Venus in her view along with Mars.  I usually write about how important it is to observe the company of the Moon as each Planet has such an impact on her mood, stability and adaptability.  When she finds herself surrounded by company, being receptive, she takes the energy within her and expresses it. 
Many spies, inventors, healers and researchers have prominent Shatabhishaka in their horoscope.  This is also a common star for mystics, spiritualists, meditators, yogis and shamans.  People who can go deep into the heart of the earth, below the surface, to the hidden recesses of the oceans and into the abyss of the night sky.  People who can wear the mask of invisibility and cloak themselves in mystery. 
This is a time to seek that which is normally concealed and out of sight; to allow the plant world to work with us and guide us into expanded states of consciousness.  For those of you who work with plant medicine, those plants which are prepared as liquids will be very potent at the moment of this new Moon. The medicines of spirit will be awake and ready to work with you.  It is a time to see that which illusion has masked and hidden from sight.  The elements of water and space will merge so this moment will be fertile for psychic activity, inner sight and the peering into the potential of the future.  In Shatabhishaka, past and future merge in the circular rhythm of time.  Varuna asks us to forget our linear, square thinking and to realize time has more of a circular pattern, swirling and linking past, present and future.  Seductive Varuni takes our hands and leads us into the abstract mind, where creative thought is intoxicated with it’s inventive nature.  She helps us look beyond the confines of the logic.  Together, Varuna and Varuni are a perfect synthesis of cosmic law and abstract, creative thought, just as all life is weaving in and out of these two concepts.
Because of the circular nature of this sign, we can also observe a humanitarian connection and primal energies that link us all to the march of time.  This new Moon could cause stirs within the collective psyche, pulling the truth forward.  It could also bring extreme, moody weather, environmental eruptions, a ripple of the cosmic waters in all directions.  There is a link to law, the courts, politics and government as well as rebellion and the challenging of the established order.  We can expect more earthquakes and outbreaks within the collective consciousness in the next two weeks as Varuna and Varuni will be stirring the ethers.    
The female horse is the sacred animal of this star sign.  Her swift medicine is readily available for all who invoke her and ask for her guidance.  Caring for horses, connecting with them, rescuing those who are abused or are in need of care pleases Varuna and Varuni.  We can also care for our skies and oceans, and all of our wild brothers and sisters that swim within them that depend on us to keep their homes clean and safe.   As Varuna has a direct link to the Nagas or elemental serpent spirits we discussed for the previous Ashlesha full Moon, we can also honor the Nagas who are the protectors of our beautiful Earth. 
I would like to close now with a prayer that we can all see through the illusion of divisiveness and the thick veil of time which conceals all, understanding that all is interconnected and that every action locks us into the cosmic law which pervades our existence.  May we all sit at the feet of Varuna and Varuni in humility, seeking to understand that which is best for the circle of life. 
Oṃ Vaṃ Varuṇāya Namaḥ