- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JANUARY 27th, 2017 NEW MOON 



Our Moon will be beginning her new cycle this month on Friday, January 27th at 4:07pm PDT.  She will be aligned with the Nakshatra (star sign) of Shravana, the star of hearing, learning, listening and connection.  Saturn and Mercury will be behind her and Ketu (the south node of the Moon) will be in front of her.  In Vedic Astrology, we consider planets that are behind and in front of Chandra (Moon) as significantly influencing her mood and stability.  Our Moon is the indicator of growth and adaptability in the horoscope.  She reveals what circumstances will grow in any given moment of time.  She also shows us what we may need to adapt to or become comfortable with during a specific period. 

Because of the strong influence of Saturn and Mercury in the 12th house (hidden placement) from Chandra (behind her), and Ketu in the 2nd house from her (in front of her, visible to her) this is not a time to make decisions regarding investment, financial contracts or large exchanges for most of us.  We should be mindful of potential financial loss or debt-creating contracts that may seem solid at first.  New professional opportunities may present themselves, yet for the first few weeks expect loss of energy along with your exciting new developments. Investing in land, minerals or herbs is different however and is welcome. 

This will be a period of questioning, seeking answers and searching for the missing piece of the puzzle. The next two weeks will most likely be full of exposure, new information and a heightened desire to connect to those we can trust or rely on.  We may also find ourselves traveling or in movement. 

We may hear things that have previously been concealed, secrets may surface and any attempt to suppress these things may fail.  As Mercury and Saturn tend to deal with hidden intelligence when combined, and they are behind our Moon at her moment of renewal, it is advisable to navigate the next two weeks with respect to our own inner knowing.  It is a very powerful moment to speak out, to connect, to reveal, to expose and to bring our energy forward.  At the same time, be cautious of hidden enemies and agendas.

This is also an incredible time for research, for uncovering secrets that were lost or out of sight.   Shravana faces upward (Urdhva Mukha or ‘upward faced’) and seeks to establish connection.  Our Moon will be starting her growth cycle looking above and beyond.  She will be reaching to establish new, powerful connections.  This means that in our daily lives for the next two weeks, we may experience ourselves touching new talents, gifts or forms of knowledge that we previously did not associate with our personality or natural gifts.  We may get involved in new activities that seek to elevate education, higher knowledge, life skills, practicality and resourcefulness.      

The monkey, an animal associated with wit, cleverness and mischief is said to be Shravana’s ‘womb’ or yoni (the animal-nature of this star-sign mainly consulted for match making and personality traits).  Shravana is also linked with the Arka flower which is a star-shaped flower with potent medicinal properties, specifically for the heart and the treatment of seizures and epilepsy.   Auspicious activities include studying, research, listening to others who need to be heard, giving a voice to the those in need of one, listening to sacred sound, listening to lectures on higher philosophy or increasing our awareness of practical, useful forms of knowledge that enhance our life skills and abilities.  Providing charity to schools, activism related to education, women’s rights, caste division and healing racial tension are all auspicious during this time.  Speaking our truth and hearing the truth of others, granting a platform for all to be heard and promoting unity will flourish during this time. 

I close this with a Mantra to Devi  Saraswati, Goddess of Learning, Knowledge and the Arts, and a prayer that we all rise together in the deeper truth of life during this cycle, creating a greater sense of unity.

“Om Aim Saraswatye Namah”