Recognizing and Living With "Natural" Time

As we begin a "New Year" on January 1st, we start anew! That is, according to the Gregorian Calendar, the system by which we all live by. ...well, 'we all' except for indigenous people connected to the earth.

However, contrary to popular acceptance, for many of us this just doesn't feel right. Why is that? Well, this is because January 1st is NOT the beginning of a New Year in "Natural Time" and it never was until the Roman Calendar was implemented in 46BCE. How could Winter, the time of rest, hibernation, and death where very little life exists be the great time of renewal and new beginnings? Doesn't 'A New Year' naturally resonate as the first day of Spring, The Vernal Equinox, where life begins again. Doesn't this make the most sense? Well that's what is was before Gregorian calendars. Know that this is unnatural and we empathize with all of you. However, we must work within the constraints of modern society and still use this time for setting intentions but with the awareness that this is a true time of resting and restoration.

    Time is the fundamental framework of which we live our lives, but our true nature "feels" something different than what is forced upon. The Sun and Earth’s interaction gives us a yearly cycle, the phases of the Moon give us our monthly cycle, and the constant rising and falling of the Sun and Moon gives us our daily cycle.  All other delineations of time, like the calendar system and the system of time (seconds, minutes, hours, 24 hour cycles, 5 day work/school weeks, the 7 days of of a week) are all arbitrary, man made, and have been augmented many many times since their origin for the convenience of that current ruler.

One of the most obvious aspects of being out of synch is the '13th Moon'. There are 13 moon cycles in a year and the gregorian calendar squeezed it into 12 months. Looking at the names of the months reveal that the numbers and months don't even synch anymore. September (7), October (8) are now the 9th and 10th month just because Julius Cesar wanted his own month (July) and so did his son Augustus (August).  Continuing in this manner is a fundamental reason humans are struggling to connect to nature and live "naturally".

As much as we'd love to tell everyone to stop looking at their watch/phone and calendars and simply look to the sky and follow the earth's natural rhythm, we know that isn't feasible (yet) with every aspect of our lives enmeshed in the gregorian calendar. But alas.....our solution is (drum roll) DO BOTH!!! 
By beginning the practice of living in tune with natural rhythms: the "start of the day" - sunrise,  to the end of the day "sunset", to the moon cycle by simply noticing if the moon is waxing or waning, to when it's full or new. Just these bits of observation will reawaken our natural and ancient wisdom within us all, as this "was" the way we all lived prior to organized religions, governments, financial institutions and industrialism that fit very neatly into the Gregorian Calendar. 

Nature will forever keep perfect time, it's up to us if we want to synchronize with her. The benefits could be life changing.