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Feet of Buddha - Kathmandu Nepal NONDIGITAL IMAGE BY BUNNI

Feet of Buddha - Kathmandu Nepal


Our Moon will be fully illumined at 3:34am PST on January 12th bringing in the restorative, elemental winds of the star sign Punarvasu. 

Punarvasu is a special and mysterious star sign of the Mother of the gods, great goddess Aditi. One of her aspects is said to be Prithvi Mata or Earth-Mother in Sanskrit literature, but even our Grandmother Earth is only one of her attributes.  She is flowing with abundance; repetitively restoring all of the elements to balance, replenishing the cycle of life.   She is said to be infinite, inconceivable and all pervading.  All mysteries that will and will never be discovered exist within her womb. 

Her children the Vasus are sometimes listed as (Apa water, Dhruva the Pole-star, Soma Moon {but also a reference to an alchemical potion of sorts in Vedic times}, Dhara flowing water, Anila or Vayu Wind without “blue color”, Anala, Pavaka or Agni Fire, Pratyusha  the Dawn andPrabhasa Light and other times Indra the King of the gods and Vishnu theSavior of the worlds are included. 

Punarvasu is also the star sign that is most associated with Sri Rama, or the hero of the epic Ramayana.  Sri Rama surrenders himself to an unjust ordeal which results in his banishment to the Forest for 14 years, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana.  During this exile, however, he finds his life’s mission both spiritually and materially.  Without the exile, without the seemingly horrific events that followed this exile, Sri Rama would not have realized his own divine attributes.  From his realization, so many other beings were rescued from an oppressive force that was enveloping the world at that time.  In other words, this immense and incomprehensible hardship became the medium for great self-knowledge, mastery, the awakening of compassion and the vehicle for that compassion to be expressed and accepted by life.

Due to the deeply spiritual and incomprehensible nature of this star sign, Punarvasu is not always an easy energy to digest.  Though it is a star sign that promotes all virtues and energetic replenishment, we first have to pass through the storm (the star before which is named Ardra, or the tear-drop) to appreciate the natural gifts of Mother Aditi.  If we are not thirsty we may not appreciate water, if we are not hot we may not appreciate wind.  Before the gifts of Mother Aditi can be realized, we often have to take a long journey away from her, seemingly losing her support until we return to her embrace and recognize who she is. 

The graces of Punarvasu are strengthened by practices of compassion and surrender but we often have to repeat or return to square one to realize what we have taken for granted or what we may have approached without due recognition.  If we are born into a golden charmed life, we often can’t appreciate it until we leave it and long to return. 

We should be prepared this year, 2017, for world events to create this thirst, this longing to return to a golden time.  This being the first full Moon of the new year, we will all need to unite in the great light that Mother Aditi intrinsically is, the unified field of consciousness that connects all life, the great circle, the infinite oneness that witnesses all. It is the biggest illusion that we are separate, that we are divided, as one infinite breath unites us all.  

Punarvasu encourages us to leave "home" and possibly even believe in a delusion so that we can appreciate our roots in the highest reality.  Through the trials of this abundant star, we are nourished and wake up to the true meaning of wealth, healing and wellness.  If we return to the same spot, we will not be the same person.  

It is a perfect time to promote compassion, to work towards unified goals, to observe the great cycles of time and meditate on our place within them, to re-examine our connection to time, to home, to comfort and ask ourselves what we can sacrifice in order to bring others to a safe place, to help them find their way back home.  It is also a good time to retreat, to reflect, to go on a much needed journey or to revisit a long forgotten place (physically or emotionally.)

The Egyptian goddess Bast or Bastet can be said to share some of Aditi's qualities, specifically her more ancient descriptions.  The female cat is the sacred animal of this star sign and the sacred tree is bamboo.  To honor or rescue a mother cat and her kittens is considered highly auspicious during this time or to protect those animals and beings that thrive in bamboo forests.  If we have bamboo in our home we can celebrate her on this full Moon.  The swan is the bird associated with Punarvasu, reflecting the highly philosophical nature of this star sign or the quality of higher discernment. 

I close with a hymn to Prithvi Mata or our Mother Earth from the Artharva Veda:

सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति ।
सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्न्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥१॥
Satyam Brhad-Rtam-Ugram Diikssaa Tapo Brahma Yajnyah Prthiviim Dhaarayanti |
Saa No Bhuutasya Bhavayasya Patny[i]-Urum Lokam Prthivii Nah Krnnotu ||1||

1.1: (Salutations to Mother Earth) The Truth (Satyam), the Cosmic Divine Law (Ritam), the Spiritual Passion manifested in Mighty Initiations, Penances and dedications to the search of Truth (by the sages); these have sustained the Mother for ages (Who in turn have supported these in Her Bosom),
1.2: She, Who is to us the Consort of the Past and the Future (being its witness), May She expand our inner life in this World towards the Cosmic Life.  (For complete Bhumi Suktam please refer here: )