October 15th, 2016 Full Moon Report

The Hunter's Moon

Also known as a sanguine or “blood” moon, the term “Hunters Moon” is used traditionally to refer to a full moon that appears during the month of October. It is preceded by the appearance of a “Harvest Moon”, which is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. Not only is this a Hunter’s Moon, but it is also a Supermoon. Typically the moon rises 50 minutes later each day, but a Hunter’s Moon usually rises 30 minutes later, leaving a short gap between sunset and moonrise. Traditionally this created more light during the evening for farmers and hunters.


Many moons ago, Native Americans named this bright moon for obvious reasons. The leaves are falling from trees, the deer are fattened, and it’s time to begin storing up meat for the long winter ahead. Because the fields were traditionally reaped in late September or early October, hunters could easily see fox and other animals that come out to glean from the fallen grains. Probably because of the threat of winter looming close, the Hunter’s Moon is generally accorded with special honor, historically serving as an important feast day in both Western Europe and among many Native American tribes.