- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

October 15th, 2016 FULL MOON

October’s full Moon will take place at precisely 9:23pm PDT on the 15th and the moments leading up to her peak effulgence will be precious for the rectification of the past, the recognition of the fertility of the present moment and the reclaiming of all that previously felt lost to the future. Chandra (our Moon’s name is Sanskrit) will be freshly breaking the spell of the Kala Sarpa Yoga that we have been experiencing for the past few weeks (Kala Sarpa Yoga is planetary alignment referred to as “The Time Serpent” or “Serpent of Time” which locks one into the gravity of karma in a unique and sometimes severe way.) Chandra will be aligned with the nourishing, protective star of Revati, called the Shepard’s Star and the Keeper of Time (drum). Her light will search for all who are frozen at the crossroads and her effulgence will gently awaken much needed clarity. Revati is also associated with harvesting. This is the perfect time to move forward in your endeavors, announce new projects and to reap the benefit of past seeds that we sown long ago. The energy of this full Moon can be honored and amplified by acts of forgiveness, adoption or caring for children, adopting or rescuing an animal (especially a domestic or livestock animal) clearing obstructed paths both physically and emotionally, donating to a temple of Lord Shiva (especially traveling by foot), caring for cows and elephants, and donation of food or transportation to anyone in need.