- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

October 30th, 2016 NEW MOON 

The new Moon will commence on October 30th at 10:38am PDT.  Brace yourself for the full force of emotion in all of her beauty, awe and power.  Even though this stormy environment may feel uncomfortable or challenging, it is exactly what is needed to propel us into a new recognition of our strength, resourcefulness  and adaptability. Our Moon will be aligned with the star sign Swati, the sign of the wind, with Mercury joining her.  She will also be within the tight grip of Kala Sarpa Yoga once again.  This is extremely potent for deep inner or spiritual work as it will provide us with the opportunity to see those things within ourselves and our life that we were previously denying or moving to the side.  It is also a prime time to examine the condition of our vital life force and health as Swati is connected with the breath and energy levels.  Vital breath in Indian belief plays an important role in the condition of our mind.  If you have been considering committing to a life style change or learning a meditation technique, you could not chose a better time.  Pranayama, Kriya Yoga and Hatha Yoga are all especially effective under this star.  The energy of this new Moon can be enhanced by the reading of esoteric or philosophical literature, planting seeds, learning a new instrument, the purchase of new shoes to be worn for the first time on a spiritual pilgrimage or to a sacred place in nature,  and donating books or shoes to those in need.  Try to avoid actions arising from restlessness, arrogance or impatience especially in friendships. This will protect you from potentially explosive situations that are difficult to amend.