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The Medicine Horse shows us how, to live our lives
feeling strong and proud. With Sage and with prayer
we keep him safe, so he can be great. He helps us see
truth in all thats around,
his friendship invaluable our future abounds.
~White Feather~

⋆ ⋆ * SPECIAL EDITION *  ⋆ ⋆ 
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● 9 Sacred Sage & Maize Bars ●
Non GMO Organic Late Summer Corn grown in the United States & Powdered Sacred Sage
Stone Ground Microcosmic Biodynamic 70% Cacao & Cane Jaggery

● A Healing Quartz Crystal ●
● A Single White Sage Leaf ●


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We created this favor in collaboration with a new conscious beauty company called Naturally Considerate that supports the initiatives of CANA Foundation, a global rewilding organization who promotes the wellbeing of Nature through projects focusing on America’s wild horses, indigenous peoples and the environment. A sister in our ZenBunni mission, Naturally Considerate is inspired by the powerful relationship between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. They look to honor indigenous cultures and native communities such as our First Peoples of the Americas who tirelessly honor and fight for our natural world. From those who protect the Earth, we can learn that understanding the innate wisdom of Nature will ignite the Universal Nature within each of us.  

50% of All Sales will be donated to Standing Rock through our  collaboration with "Naturally Considerate" and the CANA Foundation