Full Moon Report // November 14th, 2016

⋆ ⋆      FULL MOON REPORT  ◯   ⋆ ⋆ 




The Full (Super) Moon on November 14, 2016, will appear as the largest and brightest Moon in the sky since 1948.This moon is known as the Cold Moon, Beaver Moon, Dark Moon & Frost Moon. This moon marks the start of reflection and planning. This is the time to do at inner work to find out what it is at your core you truly wish to do with your life. Look at what has happened, what you have done until now and where you desire to go from here. Take stock on what has worked and what has not. This is not a time to start new projects, instead decide on what path you should take in the coming year.

Herbs for this Moon
Verbena & Thistle

Stones for this Moon
Topaz & Lapis Lazuli