ASTROLOGIC // Guiding the Inner Flame to the Outer World

- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

November 14th, 2016 FULL MOON 

At exactly 5:52am PDT on Monday, November 14th, our Moon will be in perfect, illuminated fullness.  As she will be larger and more magnified than she has been in almost 70 years, emotions will be at an all time high.  We have already been feeling her stir as she is slowly approaching her peak effulgence (waxing) over the last week.  The culmination of her illumination will activate the nakshatra (star sign) of Krittika.  

Krittika corresponds to what Western astronomers call the Pleiades, and is said to be the residing place of the sacred fire, the witness of all vows, commitments and ceremonies. The sacred fire is also said to grace the kitchen and places of food preparation and to bless those who handle or cook food for the service of others.  Both the carrying of water and the preparation of food was a serious responsibility in ancient India as they were aware of the transference of mental, emotional and spiritual energy through food and water.  There was also awareness of the power of speech. The voice (sound) was not to be “wasted” and whatever word we gave we were expected to follow through. Fire was the witness to all vows and was kept in every home and temple.

Krittika also means to cut or is often associated with the blade or razor.  This nakshatra is the personal sign of Kartikey or Skanda, the General of the army of the gods.  It has a direct correlation with the power of discernment and the responsibility of right action, or action that benefits other beings.  It is a sign connected with protection of nature, wildlife and social rights.  

Chandra (our Moon) aligning with Krittika is auspicious and signifies deep nourishment even in times of disappointment, war or strife.  Prosperity, growth, correct understanding and victory of truth over falsehood are all attributes of Krittika but at the exact moment of Chandra’s fullness, there are other planetary influences indicating possible struggle and explosiveness.  Therefore, this is a time to center ourselves and nourish the attributes of honesty, sincerity and defense of sacred home or family unit.  Krittika has a nourishing and protective nature so any activity which strengthens bonds between the world-family is encouraged.  Seeking clarity for those things which we cannot understand is also granted through Krittika.  For anyone experiencing deep grief or the need for understanding, sit by a flame that has been purified by prayer or meditation and you may be surprised at the clarity that is gifted to you.  You may also want to make a point to only ingest food or water that has been prepared with love and prayers for the next two weeks.

Providing mineral rich soil and / or food to others is a good way to honor Krittika. The establishment of a ceremonial ground or fire place is also supported.  Caring for goats, peacocks and forests is said to amplify the positive attributes of this nakshatra.  Spending time with fire in a sanctified place can provide much needed insight as well as sharing insights that strengthen bonds and pave a way to peace and protection.  The next couple of weeks will be very emotional and energy will be heightened.  We can give this emotion clear direction, like a river flowing to the ocean by centering ourselves in personal prayer, ritual or ceremony.  Krittika reminds us that the foundation of truth is within and asks us to bring the inner flame to the outer world through the vocalization of correct understanding (discernment).