Giving Thanks to our
⋆✵ Promised Land ✵⋆
◀    ◦☽  ☾◦  


 Happy Full Moon! ◦ 

Now is a potent time to  Give Thanks and homage for the Natives of your homeland. To them it Was the 'Promise Land' and they tended to nature as the living being that nourished and protected them. We've lost our way and instead of giving thanks, we turned away and "gave our power" to those that are not respecting our "Promise Land"
One way we 'Give Thanks' is by directly connecting with the earth. We shared our experience on the New Moon about getting our hands, toes, and entire bodies into the dirt with Herbal Teacher and Biodynamic Gardener Marysia Miernowska of The Gaia School of Healing.
Another is to educate ourselves about the history of our lands and the people who made it their home and find truth around this holiday within all the misinformation.
As the holidays approach, be curious, proactive, and conscious of where and how we spend our money. Is it helping the earth or damaging it? With every purchase we can ask ourselves this simple question. As with any consciousness shifting practice, our reality will shift! Together we can evolve our world into something bountiful and healing for humanity, a shared ceremony with our Ancestors.
  Our single one vote pails compared to our daily vote; our lifestyle and choices are our Voice, our Power, that can create the change we so desperately need. Every dollar we spend will either Harm or Heal Mother Nature. 

 We are the Stewards of this 'Promise Land'.

♥ Zen&Bunni